Dynamic PT Score Calculator

Looking for a quick and easy way to calculate a PT score without downloading an app? Give this website a try!

Military Transition Planner

Planning for retirement is hard! Starting early is extremely important to ensure we don’t miss anything, and the process goes as smoothly as possible. Starting 12+ months out with a game plan is a great idea!

us.af.mil –> army.mil/mail.mil Email Fix

Did you get assigned a mail.mil or army.mil email and you can’t log in to your us.af.mil email anymore and you aren’t receiving base wide or any Air Force emails? Yet your us.af.mil still shows in the GAL? Stay tuned.

PT Test Calculator

This tool was developed by Douglas Ash as a guide for calculating PT test scores.

MWR Lodging Locations

Below is a map of all the MWR resorts and recreation areas for military members who like to travel but are also cheap.

MEB Lawyers

Got MEB’d and need legal help? Call the MEB advocates of Airmen!

My Air Force Benefits

MyAirForceBenefits is an Official Air Force Benefits website with over 180 fact sheets for benefit eligibility and more.

Primary Caregiver Leave

Capt David Marsa covers primary caregiver leave and what the relationship/decision authority is between the Commander and caregiver.