Decoration Templates

Templates covering the MyDecs Reimagined (v2) version of the AFAM, AFCM, and MSM.


NIPRGPT is an AI-powered language model designed to understand, process, and generate human-like text based on the input it receives. It leverages deep learning to comprehend and respond to a wide range of queries, engaging in conversations, providing information, generating text, and offering assistance across various topics and contexts.

Narrative EPB & OBPs

We know there has been a significant amount of confusion regarding narrative EPBs & OPBs. Although we don’t have a ton of suggestions, below are the tools we do have available. Air Force Guidance:SNCO Enlisted Performance BriefFoundational ChangesALQ Writing GuidePreparation DocumentAcronym listing CAO 12 Oct 2022MyEval Instructions Training:How to write Performance Statements25 ATKG OPB TrainingBuilding […]


Have you ever wondered how to use AI to develop narrative performance statements for EPRs & OPBs? Thanks to our friends, we have a way to use ChatGPT! The first option is to use a prompt built by Narrative Buddy. Here is a copy of the PDF in case the website goes down. There is […]

Narrative Buddy

Click here to get started. Narrative Buddy lets you type what you have done in plain language or as a bullet and converts it to a performance statement using AI. Thanks to Wink, Project Arc, North Spark Defense Lab, and Narrative-Buddy for this tool!

Acronym Sorting Tool

The acronym sorting tool was designed to take the acronym list from an EPR/OPR and sort them for you.

Narrative Award Examples

We know that there is a lot of confusion regarding how to do narrative awards. Sadly, we don’t have the answer either. Here are a couple of resources though.

Bullet Blender

It’s a bullet writing tool. It just makes writing faster/easier.

PDF to MyEval Converter

Go to the tool here. This tool was designed to take bullets from the MyEval PDF and prepare them, with the proper spacing, to be ingested into MyEval. Thanks to Jeanluc Duckworth for this tool!