MFR Writer

The MFR Writer makes writing MFRs a piece of cake. Enter the information into the block and it will generate a ready-to-use PDF.


LOC/A/R is a tool designed to assist with writing LOC/LOA/LORs.

EPR Bullets

This website is dedicated to completing that portion of the AF Form 910 that gives people the most trouble: the Performance Assessment blocks.

Blackbelt Bullet Writing

This guide is meant to give Air Force Airmen (total force) valuable insight into Air Force competitive writing.


These verb tools are the easiest way to get ideas for action verbs to start a bullet based on a variety of topics.

AF Bullet Shaping & Iteration Tool

The purpose of this repository is to develop a set of tools to automate the pointless aspects of bullet-writing so that an officer/enlisted member can focus more on writing actual content rather than worry about irrelevant formatting.

Incoherent Bullet Synthesizer

The goal of this project is to produce “real”-sounding Air Force performance bullet statements using a machine learning model.

Bullet Buddy

Bullet Buddy is a tool for writing AF OPRs, EPRs, and Awards Packages.