Mobile AFI Explorer

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Quickly reference and search the contents of Air Force publications right on your mobile device. All publications sync directly with

Syncs with E-Publishing

Provides the most recent guidance updates as soon as they become available by syncing with the website.

MAJCOM Supplements

The latest version of AFI Explorer introduces support for Major Command supplements, and Air Force ROTC publications.

Advanced Search

Improved search algorithm lets you search by keyword, and tabulates the results. Similar to “ctrl + f” on your PC.

Text View

The new Text View is a revolutionary new way to read the contents of publications, scaled to fit your device.

Supports Dark Mode

Reduces the light emitted by your device screen while maintaining the proper contrast required for readability.

Frequently Updated

With over 3.5K downloads, the AFI Explorer app is tested and supported by a team of Active Duty personnel.

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