TSP Contribution Chart

Download the contribution chart here.

This TSP tool shows the AD pay chart in three different views according to which option you select: Withheld Percentage, Current Pay Chart, Proposed Pay Chart. The table automatically calculates the values according to the options in which you select (if you are eligible for Catch up contributions, it shows how much you can contribution to reach 26K by the end of the year.)It is something I threw together in a few hours so please let me know if something is not right or if I can add something to it for it to become a better tool to use.

Once the new pay raise is set for next year, you can easily see how much it will raise your pay. Just select the percentage under the AD TSP Chart sheet (ie. 3.1%) and select Proposed Pay Chart under Table View. If you want to set the pay raise as the Current Pay Chart, follow the instructions listed at the top of the Pay Chart Draft.