LOC/A/R is a tool designed to assist with writing LOC/LOA/LORs.

LOC/A/R can be accessed in two different formats. PDF (most helpful, updated 6 Mar 2023) or Word (slightly outdated, less intuitive)

Instructions for the PDF version:

The user needs to start at the top and properly fill in the required information in order to open up the full functionality, much like an EPR/OPR. In order to access those functions you have to click the box that says “Officer” ”Cadet” “Enlisted”. It is critical that the preparer selects if they are an officer, cadet or enlisted first, because it significantly changes the information that populates after that. 

Also, if the preparer doesn’t select the recipients Grade, then it doesn’t allow them to enter the name either. Even the last page requires the member to select the number of previous LOC/A/Rs have been issued. This function is there to have the issuer engage with the First Sergeant to ensure we are proceeding along the lines with the progressive discipline module. 

Also for the Article numbers you have to scroll to page two and click the box for “Show me sample”. This will allow the user to pick from a drop down, which includes that Article numbers in the pre-written language. 

A special thanks to Christopher Horlick for the most recent PDF version!

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