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Did you get assigned a or email and you can’t log in to your email anymore and you aren’t receiving base wide or any Air Force emails? Yet your still shows in the GAL? Stay tuned.

Create a trouble ticket through vESD. Tell them to save your current groups and deprovision/reprovision you WITHOUT A MAILBOX. Then tell them to send the ticket to AFDS and contact AF Messaging for any further guidance.

AFDS will search both email domains with a script that finds a matching DOD ID with two emails. They will see the AF cloud mailbox is deactivated and your or is activated. They will sync the accounts so the Air Force account changes to the above correct picture.

The rules are you can only have 1 email per role. Some people somehow get around this, but most don’t.

You are supposed to have this process happen automatically but it doesn’t, either because the CFP doesn’t know this fix and provisioned you normally (wrong!) or because our email system is seriously broken.

This process turns your email into a shell account that routes email to your new primary email (, etc). So if I send you an email to your Air Force email, it will automatically route to your .mil email that you can access and log in to. You will reply from there and we will continue on as normal.

This allows you to get NOTAMS and base-wide emails but also emails from Air Force members looking you up in the GAL. It also allows you to receive important stuff from medical/MyPers/vMPF etc that could cause serious issues down the road if this isn’t fixed.

This does not work for encrypted email and attachments most of the time that contains PII. You can use a site called to send encrypted files containing PII across .mil email domains.

Thanks to /u/Commforceone

r/AirForce - --> Email Fix!!! Pics included
r/AirForce - --> Email Fix!!! Pics included